Church Donates Mammography Digitizer to Fight Breast Cancer in Uruguay

“I want to thank The Church of Jesus Christ,” said Dr. María Rosario Leira, the primary care network director.

“Until now we have done mammograms with a very old method that was very complex and is practically not used anymore. With this new equipment, operating expenses are reduced by 40%, which adds to the advantages of preventing the scourge of breast cancer.”

Dr. Leonardo Cipriani, national director of the State Health Services Administration, also expressed his gratitude for the donation.

“I am very grateful to the Church of Jesus Christ for all the donations and, most importantly, for the spirit of collaboration that you always have. You all give without looking for a reward and only out of love for your neighbor.”

Dr. Cipriani added, “As of today, there are more women who have the possibility of saving their lives with a rigorous preventive examination. And, since the woman is a wife and mother, we are also saving families.”


This article was originally published on churchnewsroom.


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