Mormon crickets wreak havoc in Nevada town

Millions of ‘Mormon Crickets’ Wreaking Havoc in Nevada Towns. Parts of Nevada are being overrun by an explosion of flightless, ground-dwelling cannibalistic insects creating nightmares of Biblical proportions.

Business and residents said they are battling millions of Mormon crickets that descended on the state this week in an effort save land and morale.  Mormon crickets are very large insects found in western North America that got their name after swarming pioneer crops and being devoured in what Latter-day Saints remember as the miracle of the gulls. Recently, thousands of these crickets have wreaked havoc as they overrun Nevada towns.

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The mass amount of crickets arrived due to migratory patterns. They have a 4-6 year cycle, disappearing for a time and then reappearing as a swarm as they migrate. The crickets can move up to a mile a day and are expected to disappear within a week.

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