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Church of Jesus Christ Kicks Off Light the World 2022 With New Video

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has officially launched its 2022 Light the World initiative with a new video. The theme for this year is, “The World Needs Your Light.”

The video’s title “The World Needs Your Light,” invites viewers to recognize their own light as they serve others as Christ would.

“Then there’s you,” the video says. “You started as a baby, born with His light in your eyes. As you grew, so did that light. It shined bright when you helped someone, forgave someone, loved someone, or treated someone like Jesus taught. This Christmas, the world needs your light. Your family needs your light. The hungry, the lonely, close friends, complete strangers all need your light.”

You can watch the beautiful new 2022 Light the World video in the player below.

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